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Having Garnered More Than 15 Years of Industry Expertise

Hamood TV stands as the unrivaled and most relied upon supplier in the region, renowned for our expertise in designing, manufacturing, and promoting an extensive range of cutting-edge products. Our repertoire encompasses LCD, LED, and Curved TVs Mounts, Monitors, Speakers, Projector mounts, TV floor stands, DVD/Receiver mounts, Video wall brackets and stands, AV furniture, Tablet Mounts, Ceiling mounts, Motorized mounts, TV lifts, and various other consumer electronics tailored for both residential and commercial applications. 

With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in this dynamic industry, our profound technical knowledge and unrivaled skill set have propelled us from our humble beginnings in Dubai in 2007 to become an indomitable force, firmly establishing our presence within the United Arab Emirates.

Over time, our company has flourished into a formidable force as a TV mounts supplier, proudly representing the esteemed brand “Hamood TV”. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our extensive global export reach, catering to a diverse and loyal clientele in the realms of retail, corporate, and hotel ventures. 

Our product portfolio is designed to cater to every budget and requirement, encompassing a wide spectrum of projects, wholesale and retail endeavors, as well as meeting the needs of corporate entities and individual customers alike. Moreover, our expertise extends beyond supplying TV mounts, as we specialize in delivering top-notch audio-video installation services for both residential and commercial undertakings. Know more about our services.

We provide the best TV installation services at your doorstep in Dubai also you can get the best enjoyable view. So why wait, book your products today to get the best experience!

Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians takes pride in their expertise. We specialize in a wide array of services, including TV installations, LED walls, video walls, MDA installation, and delivery services.


With unwavering passion, we transform every challenge into a resolute solution. Our collaborative efforts with partners yield exceptional products, consistently upholding stringent quality standards while ensuring cost-effectiveness. We spare no effort in establishing state-of-the-art facilities, supported by unparalleled customer service that epitomizes innovation, quality, and competence. We are committed to delivering the utmost in products and services without compromising our core values of integrity, ethics, and unwavering dedication.


We aim to establish ourselves as the premier leader in AV installation, video walls, kiosk, and retail sectors, revolutionizing the industry.


Our team is the soul of our company. We empower them to go above and beyond for our customers and suppliers, recognizing the profound difference they make.


Integrity is our cornerstone. We embody honesty, trustworthiness, and dependability, upholding these values in all our interactions with stakeholders.


We relentlessly pursue greatness in every endeavor, pushing ourselves to achieve world-class performance. Excellence is not only our objective but also the path to its attainment. By continuously refining ourselves and our operations, we strive for unparalleled distinction.


We find joy and fulfillment in our work, driven by the excitement of being part of an innovative team that creates positive change and achieves success. Embracing fun in our work means being inspired and knowing that our efforts have a meaningful impact. We strongly believe that a fun workplace is one that values respect, teamwork, and diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.


Our relentless ambition has propelled us to our current standing and will continue to ensure our global presence endures.

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